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New Menus & Services-Website Refresh! & What to Eat in July

I'm so sorry, I'm absolutely rubbish at this digital marketing thing!

I've been meaning to update my website for....wait for it....the best part of a year now (hides face in hands!). And not only has it taken me that long to actually get on and do it, it only happened because my lovely (marketer!) wife caved in to my incessant nagging and helped me do it.

So, please have a look, let me know what you think. Probably the biggest change is an update to the services I offer and a load of new sample menus. Of course I will still create bespoke menus for each and every booking but there's a wider variety of sample ideas as well as indicative prices.

See below for some of my favourite July ingredients including these beauties, the globe artichoke. It's a bit of a pain to prep but with such a short season worth the effort, even if just once a year! I like to marinate the hearts in oil and herbs and mix the outer leaves with some white beans, mash it all up with some lemon, seasoning and herbs and make a tasty dip.

In Season in May; Mackerel
Awesome artichokes - worth the effort!

In season in July

Artichoke, apricot, aubergine, broad beans, cherries, courgettes, crab, cucumber, fennel, gooseberries, mackerel, peas, radish, raspberries, redcurrants, sea trout

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